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Manage Your Business Social Media Marketing In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day!

Manage Your Business Social Media Marketing In Less Than 10 Minutes 
A Day!

Trying to keep up with your social media sites can often be
intimidating.  For many small businesses, tending to the daily 
needs of your business already takes more time then you have to 
give, so when updating social media is added into the equation, it 
can seem overwhelming.  Yet, if you go in with a plan, it is 
possible to satisfy your daily social media requirements in a small 
amount of time.


First of all, check your Facebook page to see if any customers 
posted on your wall.  If there is a question or a comment you can 
respond to, do so to show that you are engaged.  Now it's time to 
put up your daily Facebook post.  On your way in to work, think 
about anything relevant that happened recently to your business, or 
your industry.  Have you developed a new product or secured a new 
distribution channel?  If so, then post about it, along with a 
related picture or link.  If you can't think of anything interesting 
that has happened to you, turn to your industry.  Do a quick search 
on a news website, and post a link to the story along with a short 


Like Facebook, the first thing to do with your Twitter is to see if
anyone has mentioned you, and if so, are they looking for a response.
If needed, answer any questions, and retweet any compliments, along 
with a thank you.  Then see what is trending within your industry; 
if there are any important topics that your customers would want to 
know about, tweet one, and save the others to tweet later in the day.  
It might be a good idea to set daily reminders for yourself so you 
don't forget about those later tweets.  Spreading out your tweets 
makes it more likely thateach one will be noticed.

The Rest

Now that the big two are out of the way, use the rest of your time 
to tend to any other social media sites you use.  A easy way to 
spread awareness of your brand is to check some of your favorite 
blogs and comment on any new posts. You can quickly skim the post 
and leave an insightful comment; use your website, Facebook page, 
or twitter handle as your signature.  If you use Pinterest, either 
find or upload a few images, and pin them to your own board under 
an appropriate tag.  If you have videos on Youtube, viewers often 
ask questions in the comments section, so check those as well.

Regardless of what social marketing you are doing, and which 
networksyou participate in, the general purpose is the same.  Your 
goal is to spread awareness of your brand and generate positive 
feelings.  Make sure to respond to and defuse any negative talk or 
criticism, and reinforce the positive talk and appreciate the 
compliments.  One final word; when you are posting quickly you may 
not always think your post through.  We all know how one offensive 
or insensitive tweet can damage a brand, so always reread what you 
are saying before you hit the "send" button.  Good luck with your 
social media marketing, it will be worth it to your brand in the 
long run.